What we can do for you?


We offer a wide range of equipment and can source any equipment you may need that we don't have. This covers everything IT related such as computers, servers, laptops, printers, UPS's and all other devices and equipment.


We offer maintenance and repairs on all servers, computers, laptops, printers related equipment.


We have you covered with all your networking needs, from installing WiFi in your house to remote access to your office or long distance wireless networks. Just give us a call and we will get you connected.


US I.T guys tend to be exposed to a huge variety of hardware and software from dozens of suppliers, this means we can advise you on what is available and what prices you should be looking at paying. This can save you time and money, so please do ask if you are thinking of putting in a new system, upgrading and existing one or would like more information on something. We will let you know if we cannot assist.


Everyone needs software to be more efficient and productive, we offer all the popular programs such as Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office, but we can also source software for other requirements so feel free to ask us how be to accomplish your regulars tasks with software.